become an alte full member

Benefits of becoming a full member include:

  • Use of the ALTE logo
  • Physical and digital membership certificate
  • Listing on the ALTE website
  • Taking part in the ALTE Quality Management and auditing system (at additional cost)
  • Following a successful audit, use of the Q-Mark which indicates a recognition of quality of language testing
  • Opportunity to host a conference, thus enabling the showcasing of your institution and language tests
  • Opportunity to access ALTE Validation Unit’s services (at additional cost)
  • Opportunity to collaborate on projects
  • Access to sections of the ALTE website such as the electronic discussion forum
  • Invitation to attend ALTE biannual conferences and other events organised for Members
  • Reduced delegate rates at specified ALTE events and training seminars (courses)
  • The opportunity to receive, via email and post, ALTE communications
  • The opportunity to exhibit at appropriate ALTE events
  • The opportunity to work in ALTE Special Interest Groups
  • Opportunities to build international links through the ALTE network, including those of European institutions
  • Opportunities to stand and serve in the Executive and Standing Committees, pending election
  • Invitation to attend the ALTE AGM
  • Voting rights, e.g. in elections to committees or votes at the AGM

If your organisation is interested in joining ALTE as a Full  Member, you will be asked to provide information on aspects of the organisation's examinations such as the levels provided, candidate numbers, how the examinations are set and administered, statistical analyses, and any new examinations planned. A crucial part of the application process is to undergo an ALTE audit of at least one of the organisation’s examinations, and to regularly attend and contribute towards ALTE events. Organisations wishing to become ALTE Members are also required to first join as Institutional Affiliates in order to attend a few ALTE events, meet the other members and learn more about the association. Full Members must be have a legal status in their country of registration (i.e. they cannot be unincorporated).

There are 5 main steps to become an ALTE Full Member, which are further explained below:

1) Become an ALTE Institutional Affiliate (to be approved by the Board of Trustees);

2) regelmatig ALTE-evenementen bijwonen;

3) Apply for ALTE Full Member status (to be approved by the Board of Trustees);

4) aanmelden voor en ondergaan van een ALTE-audit (voor ten minste een van de toetsen van de organisatie);

5) Become an ALTE Full Member (upon successful completion of the audit and regular attendance of ALTE events).

Full Procedure to become ALTE Full Member

1)    Word een instellingslid van ALTE

The standard procedure for an organisation to join ALTE requires becoming an ALTE Institutional Affiliate in the first instance. Please visit the page on becoming an ALTE Institutional Affiliate for more information about this step, including the application form.

 2)    Deelnemen aan ALTE-evenementen (ook aan de sessie Orientation to ALTE Audit System session)

Before an ALTE Institutional Affiliate can submit their application to undergo an ALTE audit and become an ALTE Full Member, they need to attend at least two ALTE events (conferences, SIG meetings, courses), and at least one of them needs to be one of the biannual ALTE meeting and conferences.

Attending ALTE events and actively participating in the life of the Association is an important part of being an ALTE Institutional affiliate and this will be taken into account by the Board of Trustees when reviewing the applications to become ALTE Full Member. Furthermore, it is not possible to start the procedure to apply for ALTE full membership, as per point 3 below, until at least one of the representatives of the organisation has attended the Orientation to ALTE Audit System session – failure to attend the ‘Orientation to the ALTE Audit System’ session will delay the process of applying for the ALTE audit, which is a pre-requisite to become an ALTE Full Member.

3)    Apply for ALTE Full Membership status (to be approved by the Board of Trustees)

Before any organisation can apply for ALTE Full Membership status, the Board of Trustees will check that this organisation:

  • has been an Institutional Affiliate for at least one year;
  • alle bijdrages voor een instellingslidmaatschap heeft betaald;
  • ten minste 2 ALTE-evenementen heeft bijgewoond in het jaar voor men zich kandidaat heeft gesteld (een van de twee moet een ALTE-bijeenkomst en -conferentie zijn);
  • at least one representative has attended the ‘Orientation to the ALTE Audit System’ session.

Together with the ALTE Membership application form (provided upon request by the ALTE Secretariat), the application needs to include a formal letter of intent addressed to the ALTE Secretary-General. The letter should be signed by the legal representative of the organisation. This letter should express the intention to become an ALTE Full member, and include the following information about their examination(s) to be audited:

  • niveaus (vb. A1/B2, etc.);
  • aantal kandidaten die het afleggen;
  • wie ze samenstelt en afneemt;
  • welke statistische analyses op de resultaten wordt uitgevoerd;
  • welke nieuwe toets gepland staat voor de toekomst.

As a pre–requisite to become an ALTE Full Member, a document confirming the organisation has the ability to enter into contracts with organisations in other countries is also needed. Full Members must have a legal status in their country of registration (i.e. they cannot be unincorporated).

The above documents shall be reviewed by the ALTE Board of Trustees, either during one of the bi-annual Board meetings or by email. The Board of Trustees will decide if the organisation is suitable to join the Association as ALTE Full Member and undergo an ALTE audit.

If the application is approved by the Board of Trustees, the organisation can start preparing the documentation in order to undergo the audit, assisted by the ALTE Secretariat. In the next section, there is some general information about the ALTE audit system and some links to related documents to help with the organisation and familiarisation with the ALTE audit system.

4)    Aanmelden voor en deelnemen aan een ALTE-audit

A crucial part of the application to become an ALTE Full Member is to undergo an ALTE audit. Detailed information on the ALTE auditing process and its different stages is available in the ALTE Procedures for Auditing. 

De ALTE Quality Assurance Checklists (beschikbaar in het Engels in bronnen) kunnen ook ondersteuning bieden omdat zij volgende aspecten van toetsen omvatten:

samenstellen van een toets

afname van een toets

score toekennen, waardering en resultaten

analyse van de toets en revisie na de toets

De bovengenoemde checklists kunnen gebruikt worden als een instrument voor zelfevaluatie en organisaties die een audit willen ondergaan, wordt aangeraden om ze in te vullen (de informatie over dit deel van het proces kan ook nagelezen worden in Hoofdstuk 5 van de ALTE Procedures for Auditing, het document dat hierboven werd genoemd).

5)    Become an ALTE Full Member

Once the ALTE audit is completed with the outcome ‘Resolved’, the organisation will need to complete all the legal procedures and sign the Membership Agreement to officially become an ALTE Full Member. The ALTE Secretariat will provide detailed information beforehand about all the legal requirements and documents needed. 

After signing the Membership Agreement, the new ALTE Full Member is allocated a unique Q–mark reference and logo. This is the quality indicator which member organisations can use to show that their examinations have passed an ALTE audit. For full details on how the Q–mark can be used, please refer to the Q-Mark Guide.

De organisatie zal dan uitgenodigd worden om een korte presentatie voor te bereiden waarmee zij zichzelf kan voorstellen tijdens de volgende ALTE-bijeenkomst en -conferentie. Dit helpt andere ALTE-leden om beter te begrijpen hoe een nieuwe organisatie werkt en met welke taaltoetsen die werkt. De organisatie zal ook een korte beschrijving van de instelling moeten voorzien voor de ALTE-website.

The annual fee for ALTE Full Members is €2,250. The ALTE annual subscription fees are payable each January upon receipt of the invoice from the ALTE Secretariat.

Als u vragen heeft bij deze procedure of bij een van de bovenvermelde stappen, aarzel dan niet om het ALTE-secretariaat te contacteren via (

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